FAQ Permanent

How to register

There’s always a friendly atmosphere in our offices and you will be made to feel most welcome.

You will be invited to complete a registration form with all your personal details. That will include skills, qualifications and employment background. Also a current CV, this will be helpful.

Will I have to do a test?

You may be asked to complete a skills test this will depend on the position you are applying for.

How long will this take?

Allow about an hour.

What happens next?

Your consultant will want a broad idea of your skills, preferences of employment area and personality, so that they can match you with the right job. Current vacancies will then be checked for suitability.

When will I hear about job opportunities?

If no vacancies are currently suitable, your consultant will still be working on your behalf and will contact you immediately they find a suitable job opportunity. Please note it is also important that you keep in regular contact so we keep abreast of your current job status as this might change, and you are up to date on our current opportunities. However as soon as we have submitted you to one of our clients we will feed back to you asap as we believe this is a very critical part of our service.

Will you arrange an interview?

For permanent positions, we will contact you as soon as we find a suitable opening. If you are interested, we will then pass on your details to the employer and arrange for an interview. Please note, your CV will not be sent to anyone until we have discussed the role with you first.

Candidates need to bring with them ID either up to date ID Passport or Birth Certificate or relevant work permit, also a Utility Bill as proof of address and for temporary staff names of referees at least two years unless its financial services or social care which would then be 5 years.

Researching employers

Whether looking for a new job in your field or about to embark on a complete career change, researching information on your potential employer is a vital part of the process. We will always assist here as we pride ourselves on having a great understanding of our clients and what they do.

Preparation is one of the essential ingredients for success. Not only will that knowledge help you decide whether you’d like to work for a particular organisation, it will also enable you to formulate some informed questions, should you be invited for interview.

Information research

With modern technology such as the internet, there is no excuse for not being able to find out relevant information on prospective employer(s). Not only can you access your local library, you can also visit your local internet café.

Consultants will provide you with specific job information before you attend interviews. They will also give details of job location, skills and experience required, size of the firm and salary including the company website addresses, allowing you to find out as much information as possible for your interview.

Market research

You can gain a better understanding of career prospects with an employer, or within an industry, by using certain resources.

If researching a certain industry, trade associations and institutes produce membership directories and journals providing information about trends and issues in the field. Almost every type of industry has a trade association affiliation or dedicated institute. You can find this information online. Alternatively visit your local library and search for a book on trade associations.

The key to effective research lies in preparation and targeting devices. Once you’ve identified the industry you interested in, located potential employers, then your next step is to research specific people who will help you to find out more about the job or get you an interview.

Having a general overview about the organisation will give you confidence during the first interview allowing you to refer to your research when asking questions. Simply asking how many employees are in the company is something you could have found out yourself. However the above question implies you have taken extra time and effort to prepare for the interview and show a keen interest in them. The interviewer will take this as a sure sign that you’re serious about the company, job and future career moving forward.