Do you require an Experienced Partner to Adapt to Your Evolving Needs?

Since 1980, the D&P team has evolved with our clients, creating and delivering the services our clients require in order for them to succeed. From permanent to temporary and contract staffing to payroll, HR and other outsourcing services, we offer a full range of workforce solutions.

We have seen the world of work change as jobs, technology infrastructure and our country’s employment base has shifted again and again. Yet, through it all, D&P has provided Local & National employers with the right mix of talent combined with specialised staffing services to keep businesses like yours performing now and in the future.

Grounded in the fundamentals of effective recruiting and staffing, our portfolio of services is designed to be flexible – so we can help you adapt to the changing needs of your organization in the economy of today and tomorrow.

The D&P Workforce Solutions includes the following services:

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Whether you need one person or a full team – for one location or many – our team will provide carefully selected and screened temporary and contract staff to augment your full-time workforce.

Permanent-Hire Staffing

Every job counts today more than ever. We know that you cannot employ just anyone, the costs associated with recruiting and training applicants can be very costly and time consuming. We apply due diligence when recruiting for you we interview, test and screen candidates to ensure the right fit for your organisation. You need proven performers that are screened and matched to what you need – and you need them today. D&P professionals will provide you with the talent you need on your team.

Professional Search Services

When you have a highly specialised recruiting need, requiring unique skills the D&P team can conduct a targeted search designed just for you.

Long-Term Project Staffing

Our long-term project staffing is the right solution for any organisation that needs a group of people to perform specific tasks for a period of time. Whether you’re looking for call centre representatives, clerical help or other talent, we can provide you with skilled project staff as well as shift leaders, check-in services and many other options as a part of our customised programs.

Managed Services

Our managed services programmes are designed to provide either onsite or offsite management when you have high volume staffing needs. Our capabilities extend to specialised supplier management, customised screening and other services that fit your unique staffing environment.

Outsourcing and Specialized Staffing Services

When you need a partner to give you extra support beyond traditional staffing needs, The D&P team can design a programme for you. From specialised outreach and recruitment marketing programmes, to screening candidates that approach you directly or using specialized assessments unique to your organization, we will work with you to craft the programmes you need.

Applying D&P targeted sourcing strategies; we integrate all avenues of outreach – traditional and technological – to identify top talent. Our referral programmes, industry and academic contacts, association involvement, and comprehensive approach enable us to build a network that extends far beyond resume collection and the reach of most organizations. For specific hiring needs, we’ll even start with a customized recruiting plan and pre-screen candidates according to your unique needs.

When it comes to hiring, we do what it takes to get the job done.